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Progettazione cucina

Kitchen in Salerno

Kitchen Salerno For this client we renovated and refurbished a kitchen. To do so, innovative materials were used such as fossilised wood, titanium-finished steel and quartzite diamonds used in chair backs and surfaces, to obtain an ultra-modern and luxurious finish.

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Apartment in Brera – Milan

Apartment in Brera, Milan In this apartment, we sought to restyle the furnishing completely. We developed a made-to-measure design with attention to technical and aesthetic principles, to produce a result in line with residential architecture.

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Office – Milan

Office Milan The choice of panelling was of fundamental importance for this small estate agency. By considering a combination of shapes and colours, we created a structural support for the area which was at the same time decorative, so that the final effect was refined and elegant.

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Kitchen in Porta Venezia, Milan

Kitchen in Porta Venezia, Milan Our task in this apartment was to design and build a kitchen. It had to be modern and functional at the same time, with refined colours and finishes, designed as the true fulcrum of the house – a place reflecting the client’s tastes and character.

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Apartment – Seveso

Apartment in Seveso Colour and style for a young, modern house, designed to be minimalist and inviting. The furnishings and accessories chosen for this project are fresh and up-to-date.

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Loft – Milan

Loft – Milan renovation of a period attic with special attention to the gallery, where a room and the bathroom have bespoke elegant and modern furniture. To produce a refined and balanced setting, a combination of natural colours, including gold, cream and smoky grey were chosen.

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